Accelerate Innovation To Global Market



    G20X is a premier business network focus on accelerating innovation to global market.


    Our professional team and network partners will work with you to accelerate your innovation to global market by developing turnkey market entry solution, engaging with the right regional/local partners as well as defining strategy, plan and capital solutions to drive your global growth.


    We are based in San Francisco Bay Area with growing global footprints.





  • Our Service

    Capital Advisory & Solution

    We understand capital is critical for every business. We provide capital advisory and creative capital solutions to help on client’s special capital needs in the following areas - equity investment, venture capital, debt/equity financing, bridge financing, project financing, M&A and international capital movement etc. We look forward to serve your capital needs and help you thrive in today’s competitive business world.

    Business Development & Global Partnership

    Have great products & services looking for more sales? We understand the challenges of growing sales revenue in early to mid stage company, hence we launched a unique business development & sales acceleration program to partner with business owners in tech and real estate sectors on growing sales through our network of partnership and distributors. You focus on building the best products and we will accelerate your sales!

    Merger & Acquisition Consulting

    Our team has professional experiences and track records on leading companies through international expansion, market entry and global partnership. We provide international market expansion services for companies interested in entering US, Asia (China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia) and Middle East primarily.

  • Global Partnership Program





    Our global network partners have professional experiences and track records on leading companies through international expansion, market entry and global partnership. We provide global partnership and international market expansion services for companies primarily interested in entering US and Asia.






  • G20X Clubs

    Your access to premier global innovation, investment, lifestyle and education.

    G20X Global Investor Club

    G20X Global Investor Club is a unique investor network that offers global investors not only access to high quality investment opportunities but also premium investment education.


    The investment education program includes angel investment training, company visits and investor networking in various sectors from technology, finance, healthcare, energy, real estate etc led by seasoned silicon valley investors/venture capitalists with successful experiences.


    You as an investor will get the chance to meet and learn from fellow investors as well as connecting with tomorrow's rockstar entrepreneurs!

    G20X Global Entrepreneur Club

    G20X Global Entrepreneur Program is focus on accelerating post series A company entrepreneurs to capture the fast growing global opportunity. We work with entrepreneurs to identify high potential international markets, develop market entry solution with strategy and plans as well as providing access to capital and distribution network through our international network partners.


    Now, get ready to go global!

    G20X Young Professional Club

    G20X Young Professional program is designed for young professionals in high school or college/ university. The goal of the program is to inspire and motivate young professionals for future academic and career success. 


    As a participant of the program, you will be visiting the top US universities e.g. Stanford, Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley etc to connect and learn from the alumni as well as having the corporate visit to fortune 500 companies e.g. Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Yahoo etc to get immersed to the silicon valley innovation culture and develop your own passion and dream for the future. 


    At G20X, we are devoted to provide fun and engaging experiences for all the participants. You get to learn and explore the world through a fun and engaging way. The experiences you receive is in your memory and for you to keep forever!

    G20X Shine

    G20X Shine is a fun and engaging program designed for women looking to broaden their global view and immersed to the best of local experience in the following areas - culture, history, gourmet, fashion, art & design in G20X partnered cities.


    The program is prepared and guided by local designer, architect, gourmet chef and professionals with the visit to local museum, fashion show, top local scenic spots and designer meetups etc. The program even includes local wine tasting event and dining at michelin restaurant!


    Now, join us and have your unforgettable lifetime memory.

  • Why G20X

    We care about awesome features to get the job done.

    Global Network

    G20X has built a global collaborative innovation network and ecosystem to accelerate innovation to market. We also established close relationship with investment and technology community in different markets. No matter you are an entrepreneur or investor, you will be able to network and connect with global investment and entrepreneurial professionals via G20X global network.

    Mentor System

    We understand the importance of mentor system and believe participants will benefit most from not only access to high quality education but connect and being coached by mentors with successful track records. Our instructors/ mentors will spend time to understand your needs, challenges and offer inspirational advices to accelerate your growth.

    Best Local Practice

    At G20X, we are looking to share the best local practices and experience with you through meeting, interacting and learning with local professionals. We look forward to help your business expand to new market with global growth plan and strategy.

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    Interested in going global and networking with professionals in the area of entrepreneurship, investment, education and art/ design etc? Join us today to start your journey!

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