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    G20X Wholesale Platform is an invite only wholesale club for high volume orders

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    Invite-Only Club. Verified Relationship

    G20X Wholesale Club is an invite-only business club that connects high volume supply and demands business opportunities including government contracts, corporate procurement, and NGO projects. G20X Wholesale Club conduct due diligence on the business opportunities and facilitate successful business transactions among its members.

    Increase successful transactions

    Due Diligence. Transaction focus.

    G20X Wholesale Club is transaction-oriented and we strive our best to remove one of the largest blockers among business transactions - Lack of Trust. Through our verified high-quality premium member network, we build higher confidence between members and increase the success rate of the transaction.

    Fast and efficient Communication

    Responsive. Timely Support

    Responsive and timely support is important in any successful business transaction. G20X Wholesale Club members all share the same value system on helping each other, high business integrity and accountability. Our goal is to build a long term prosperous win-win partnerships among our members.

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    Government contracting opportunities.

    G20X Wholesale Club is an invite-only club. We believe in old fashion trust circle and pre-existing business relationship. Our members including corporate procurement office, premium manufacturers, high volume wholesale distributors globally. G20X Wholesale Club's mission is to create a private wholesale club that each member is verified through referral. Our goal is to build trust among members and facilitate successful business transactions. Together, we will build a trustworthy business network globally.

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